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Pehle Takraar Phir Pyaar, Yehi hai TV ka Hit Formula of Pyaar...
July 2012
Wet & Wild… The Rains are coming… the Rains are coming…
Jun 2012
Summer Babes…
May 2012
Storming The Sands… The 2nd Petrochem GR8! Women Awards – Middle-East
April 2012
The Kelvinator GR8! Women Awards 2012 - Oh, That Eve Again…
March 2012
Body to Body ~ Soul to Soul - That’s Valentine…
February 2012
The Hot Avatar of Gopi Bahu… GR8! pulls off a miracle…
January 2012
Ajab Jod Ki Ghazab Kahaani…The ITA & Katrina Kaif
December 2011
The ITA honours - The Titanic Trinity…
November 2011
Iconic Vamps vanish from TV!
October 2011
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