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Super Six She's - Ekta Kapoor - Winning the war after losing the battle!
14/09/2009 | Vierendra Bhargav

Winning the war after losing the battle!

t’s about an ‘any’ girl… correction – an ‘any rich’ girl with a celebrity dad and a house bursting at the seams with riches. All of eighteen going on nineteen she doesn’t have a care in the world. ‘Days’ mean lazing around for her and ‘Nights’ are for parties. Studies are a ‘necessary evil’ and she has just sleepwalked from Bombay Scottish School to Mithibai College…!

That’s Ekta Kapoor, daughter of the superstar Jeetendra for whom life was all honky-dory - but it was a rudderless life, just floating about without direction or purpose like hordes of teenyboppers, who just live life from moment to moment - walking briskly, but without a destination.

But here there was a difference and that difference was a sane father who was self-made and extremely world-wise. His children couldn’t have possibly been left to wander and squander their lives. He became the lighthouse for his darling Beti and lit up her way through the turbulent teenage!

He exhorted her to find an identity all of her own. He didn’t mind that she had no interest in academics, but insisted that she much search opportunities for herself to carve out her own niche in life.

Given to remarkable foresight, Jeetuji could gauge the first winds of an impending storm – Television. He sensed that here was the future of entertainment, the place where the action would be in the next millennium.

And he suggested Ekta to take up Television production. Of course, he knew that his daughter had a creative streak in her. She had a gift of the gab and a flourish with the pen. He was sure that this was the perfect calling for her.

That was mid 90’s – (19th November, ’94 to be precise) and Balaji Telefilms was launched with Ekta Kapoor as its creative head.

The very first tentative steps of the nascent outfit didn’t find roses all the way – in fact, the initial journey was rather thorny for it. As says Ekta recapping that time…
Nothing seemed to work! All my shows in the beginning either never saw the light of the day, or just flopped miserably. What bleak times we had then. Each passing day was making me guilty of having squandered my dad’s hard-earned money. And there came a stage when I was left with only 5% of my capital.

What a mess!

But she did not say ‘die’! Her father was standing by her like a rock and she put her blood & sweat to make Balaji a name to reckon with. Today marked by many as the Maharani of Television, Ekta, then, could be seen eternally waiting for an audience outside the office of channel honchos along with her equally charged mother. Still, that light at the end of the tunnel was never in sight.
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